Viral Loops Review – All you need to know (Pricing, Marketing …)

Viral Loops review

Every once in a while there comes a platform which solves multiple problems. As you will learn from this Viral Loops review, this viral marketing software can be used to grow your business in multiple ways.

Since you are interested in it, I guess you want to get referrals, grow your email list and make sales?

This Viral Loops review will show you how to do all of that at the same time.

I would strongly recommend watching the video as it shows the inside of the platform. You will where every button is and will get a general feeling if this viral giveaway software is for you.

The video explains everything you need to know about this Viral Loops. However, I know that you may prefer to read. If that is the case, continue reading further.  

Viral Loops Pricing 

The pricing is usually the first thing people check. Fortunately, Viral Loops lets you test their viral referral platform for free. Once the trial is over, you can either upgrade to paid account or just cancel your membership. In other words, you don’t lose anything if you try. 

Useful Templates For you

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. The company gives you the option to create your sweepstakes using a template. You just have to chance the test and adjust it to your own needs. 

How to make landing Pages which convert

You can host the campaign using Viral Loops pages. As an alternative, you could embed a form on your own website. 


If you want to check other contest software options, you can simply check the UpViral review I made recently. That’s also an outstanding platform you can use to run campaigns. 


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