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It doesn’t matter how many email subscribers you’re going to get unless you know how to communicate with them and how to convert them to customers. In this article I am going to give you a foundational giveaway email template.

 You will learn how to keep participants active during the campaign and entice them to buy after it. 

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Why the email sequence matters?

There are 3 main reasons:
– People are super busy these days and they can forget about your giveaway (the email can serve as a reminder to take action).
– It builds a relationship with your participants and thus they will be more likely to buy later.
– One of the main goals of a running a giveaway is to grow your email list. Why are going to grow it if your not going to use it?

The email that confirms a participant’s entry

This is meant to prevent fraud. There are many people who will to cheat and create fake email addresses. The last thing you want is thousands of invalid emails.

That’s why you can send people a confirmation email where they have to click in order to verify their entry.

The text can be something similar to:

Giveaway confirmation email

The good news is that viral giveaway platforms give you the option to set the confirmation emails without using an email service provider (MailChimp, GetResponce, etc.). 

In fact, the above mentioned template is from UpViral (which I reviewed in one of my previous posts).    

Introduction Email

This is the email people receive after they confirm their entry. It’s the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself and start building a relationship.

You also have to include how many points the person won by signing up, what they can do to earn even more points and how to claim their unique referral link.

As the introduction will be unique for every person/ company, it’s better if you write it without a specific template. 


Halfway new Bonus action added

The goal is not only to make someone sign up to participate but also to keep them engaged. For this purpose, 1-2 weeks after the beginning you can add a new way for people to win points by taking a certain action. 

This can excite them and encourage them to promote your contest even more. You can use this template:

Contest email template for a new bonus action

Halfway new prize added

People are busy and some may have forgotten about your contest. What better way to reengage them than offering a new additional prize? It doesn’t have to be super expensive. It just has to be something they want. 

The template you can use is the following: 

Giveaway email template - new prize added template

The email after new people sign up through the referral link

If you have structured the campaign in the right way, participants will refer you other people. Here’s a simple email template that shows you what email to send to contest participants who’ve successfully brought in new referrals:


Giveaway email template for “The winner email”

This is probably the moment you have all been waiting for. What email should you send to people who won the giveaway? It could something like this:

These were a few templates you can use for any viral campaign. They will help you get better conversion rates as well as more participants.

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