Contest Promotion 📈 How to get thousands of participants

Contest Promotion Thumbnail
Contest Promotion Thumbnail

Working with clients has shown me one key thing. Many people get enthusiastic about running a promotional giveaway campaign. However, when it comes to contest promotion, most have no idea how it’s done.

The truth about contest promotion 

Yes, it can be challenging (if you have no experience). However, there is a simple process which will make your life easier. 

To use or not to use – that is the question

There are countless channels you can use to promote any campaign. Choose the one most suitable to your situation. 

For example, if you have no following, no ad budget, I strongly recommend trying giveaway submission websites and partnering with other companies. 

This video gives you an easy overview of the different options:

I will describe shortly each option. If you need help choosing the best one for your business, feel free to reach out. 

Giveaway submission websites

The first and easiest step in sweepstakes marketing is to add it to different giveaway directories. You can list your contest there and get thousands of additional social media contest participants.  

Being completely honest the website traffic from these websites is typically low quality but it’s a great way to get the initial viral shares.

 Contest promotion through Partners 

Another contest marketing tactic you can use is to partner with companies in your niche. They will promote your campaign and you will do something in exchange.

For example, you can ask all participants to follow the Instagram of your partner company. Simply communicate clearly with them and try to find a win-win situation.

Now you may ask “But do I need a partner?”. I will make it as easy as possible for you to answer. If you have 0 social media followers, then you need a partner. If you have a decent following, then you may not need one. 

 Promoting your contest through Influencer Marketing

If you are still wondering “how to promote a contest”, then try out influencer marketing. 

In the case of a viral contest people can collect points by referring others. This means an Instagram influencer or someone else with a social media following has high chances to win the giveaway prize. Mention this as one of your value propositions for the person. 

Reach out to different influencers through Phlanx and see how you can work together.

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