22 Giveaway Prize Ideas 💡 Attract thousands of participants

giveaway prize ideas

giveaway prize ideas

Struggling to get giveaway prize ideas? Many people want to run a social media contest or giveaway but have no idea what prize to choose. The issue is even bigger with viral contests and giveaway where cool giveaway prizes are even more important.


In this article, I am going to share 22 giveaway reward ideas that will make getting participants a piece of cake. You can also watch the video if you prefer:

I am going to cover giveaway prize ideas for different businesses and in case your business is not mentioned, comment below the video, tell me what your business is and I will help you come up with a suitable idea.

Subscription-Based Businesses

The most suitable ideas are:

  • Several months of membership – this will make sure that all participants are actually potential customers 

  • An upgraded membership (like silver to gold, or having more free classes, from free to premium) for a certain period of time



People love eating but what they love even more is eating for free. That’s why you can use the following giveaway prize ideas:

  • Reservation to an exclusive event, like a New Year’s tasting menu
  • Catering for an event (this can be small like a Thanksgiving dinner or enormous like a wedding)
  • Free appetizers or drinks for a year
  • A “dinner and a movie” package, including gift certificates to your restaurant, a local bar, dessert, and a local movie theater


Health and Fitness

Next on is the health and fitness industry. 

  • A tool or accessory that’s relevant to your business – like a yoga mat carrier, a new pair of boxing gloves, or a set of kettlebells
  • An exercise – focused tool  – like a FitBit
  • A package of nutrients or supplements  – like quality protein powder or protein shakes
  • Gym or studio membership for several months
  • Personal training sessions
  • A subscription to home workout plans or videos


If you are in the self-help industry which I really love, there are several reward ideas you could use.
  • Free access to a premium course
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Tickets to a big self-help event
  • A collection of high-quality books


eCommerce Shop

The following ideas apply to online shops in general:

  • several months or even 1 year of free shipping. Not only will people buy but they will also do it regularly
  • a collection of products you are selling for free. For example, if you have an online furniture shop, you can give people an outdoor table, chairs for the table, a kitchen set, etc.
  • you could a voucher for X dollars so that they can choose what they want


B2B Businesses

Finally, let’s talk about B2B Businesses. Some prize ideas you could use are:

  • several months of free services – for example, if you have a marketing agency, you could people 3 months of free marketing services. If you have a web design agency, you could redesign a person’s website for free
  • you could also give people membership to complementary services – for example, a social media marketer can give away a membership to Vyper, UpViral or HubSpot
  • another thing you could do depending on your business, is giving people several consulting sessions for free. This will help their business and will you help to build a relationship with your audience

Those were 22 giveaway reward ideas. Thank you for reading! 


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